Get a seamless selling experience with an advanced Point-of-Sale solution

Sales X-reporting

Do a snap-shot summary report for your sales, returns, voids and any other till's day activities

Multi-currency system

Manage all your accounts in any currency of your choice and still retain the power to exchange to the base currency

Multi-location System

Seamlessly manage your business from one standpoint i.e. from your branches to your other companies

Some of the Features

Split payment Management

Enjoy the freedom of using more than one payment method for a transaction and have it seamlessly integrated for automated reconciliation and transparent reporting.

Bill Payments Processsing

Get all utility bill payments done through your Point of Sale that is from prepaid electricity, to water bills, to your day-to-day airtime from any MNO.

Cash Collections

Timeously do your end of day cash collections in a more efficient, secure and controlled manner that encourages transparency in your day-to-day running of the business.

Table-By-Table Billing

Efficiently manage guests through the entire dining experience. Manage tables and wait list. Empower your restaurant to work smarter and fill more tables.


Manage all your discounts so that your clerks don’t have to worry about applying discounts to multiple items at the time of sale. With the push of a button, you can manage your discounts.

Multiple Payment Methods

Seamlessly accept any method of payment your customers want. There is also room to integrate with any payment method of your choice via an API.

A POS solution that ticks all the boxes

So much more than a point of sale.

Aqusales Solution is a complete omnichannel business accounting and management solution designed to work in a retail, distributive and hospitality management that gives you the features and functionality you need to grow. Retailers like you have happily switched to Aqusales  because you need a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution.

What some of our Partners say

"This is the first POS I’ve come across that represents the confluence of flexible design and a simple user experience in such a way that it can actually improve the businesses and lives of SMB retailers."
Sharon Mutsa
Sales and Marketing -

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